It adds up!

I am one of those people who loves having their money in the bank so it can grow interest, but at the same time I realized that it might not be such a clever idea to have no money at home… what if something happens where I need money? It doesn’t have to be anything negative, just any money I need and can’t access the bank right there and then, a quick $500-$1000 would help so much in a lot of situations. So I started this piggy bank at home because I thought this plan was super easy and realistic to follow. The purpose of this (for me) is to save some cash to leave at home. You can pick the amount you are putting in ranging from $5-$20 making it extremely flexible. You can put money in weekly, bi-weekly, whenever you come across extra money and each time you put money in it you just color it in or cross it out . You can use this fund for anything like a vacay, if you want to use it as an emergency fund in the bank, you can open an account once all boxes are colored in. You can use it for a rainy day fund (smaller emergencies like a flat tire, house repair). You can also make your own boxes and put less or greater amounts depending on your income. I also got my son one so I can start teaching him how to save. Next week’s journal will include some tips for kids savings. Stay tuned! -Glory

My favorite place to be is with you.
You are my home.
You are my comfort zone.

Hold me like you always do regardless of our circumstances.
This is all about me and you.
Always remember, I appreciate you.

Sundays aren’t bright enough when you’re not around.
I need your energy.
I need your light on me.

Praying for eternity with you.
Forever and a day.
There’s not much more that I can say.

I appreciate my mental state
Even though I don’t always think straight
Sometimes I want a mate…
But it comes with too much weight

I appreciate most of my traits
Sometimes I feel sad, but I mostly feel great
I make many mistakes and sometimes I close my own gates

Any pain that I hate, I create
So many obstacles, it makes me late
When I’m really down, I hibernate

I appreciate my motivation
Going against today’s generation
They hesitate, I elevate
My discipline grows at an alarming rate

I love when they underestimate
They humiliate and barely communicate
My vibes with theirs I will never integrate
So I teach myself how to be my own soulmate

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