A Hold I can’t Control

It's a little spooky that I can't stay away from you.It's like you're some kind of magic glue.A part of me wish you never knew.You see the control.You take advantage of this hold.Trying to have me caged forever to manipulate my soul.When I ask you for space you say I gotta get used to it.How... Continue Reading →

Crossing Paths

Crossing paths with you don't usually affect me.This time was different, we stopped.We locked eyes for the first time.We smiled at each other with so much pride.I wish you could understand that one look from you has changed my vision.One touch has changed how I feel.With you life is so incredibly surreal.Crossing paths with you... Continue Reading →

Kindred Spirits

There is something about finding a kindred spirit.Something about connecting by more than just verbal communication.When you find that one, you will long for nothing more.You're sorrows will be depleted.There is a chance to know what love feels like.Find a soulmate that desires everything that you usually do.To feel ecstatic in the presence of that... Continue Reading →

You are Everything

Your vibe is eclectic.Electric and I like it.I feel you in a thousand different ways.Who's to say it didn't boost my energy?It sure did make my personality reach an ecstasy.You are the epitome of good karma.Drama is never attracted to you.You make every dream come through.You make me feel things that are completely new.If you... Continue Reading →

Angel on Earth

I come so close to loosing life that it's become a part of my life.Drowning is now a process for my breathing.So many times I've turned right but I'm always at the wrong destination.Sorrows are lingering next door, but there's always an angel at my door waiting.Observing for the second I need saving.There must be.How... Continue Reading →

Our Passion

Carmelized words on our sheets,So sweet.Stained with our essence.As though it were kissed with lipstick.Grasping our presence.We didn't mean to leave it dirty.We've been flirting for years.Way before thirty.We've been speaking frequently.Quietly sneaking up on something more.This is just the beginning.Our story is passion.Heated aroma lingering.Tattooed interactions.It would be hard to forget this.Who has a... Continue Reading →


I choose to love you for eternity.You always give me a vibe internally and I love it.I can't believe the way you made me feel way before we'd done it.This is easy.You know exactly how to please me.Introducing sensations that I never thought I could feel.That's how I know it's real.I love waking up beside... Continue Reading →


Too many disloyal people requesting commitment.How do you expect love in abundance when your motto is to be selfish?They keep painting everyone in the same picture based on past experiences.Living by too many expectations from others.Misrepresenting the meaning of commitment.The self is important, but can you give love as much as you want to receive... Continue Reading →

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