Scattering Thoughts

Scattering thoughts  Can’t find the right words  I sit quietly by my window and listen to the birds Close my eyes as I say a prayer to the Lords My cup is full of herbs … Scattering thoughts  My words are in knots Can’t get the messages across My mind is full of stained spots … Scattering thoughts  I sit in lotus My mind in hypnosis I sit until I find a motive I am focused  The pain will never go unnoticed Continue reading Scattering Thoughts

Fix me

Hold my hands, I’ve been hurt With you I try to flirt But it just brings up past experiences, just a whole bunch of dirt It makes me think about all the times they tried to get under my skirt But that’s not the worst part, my patience is running short All I ever wanted was love, but all they did was play with my heart And even like that I never gave up, torn but hoping for a new start Love me entirely, part by part, admire my beauty like fine art Hold my hands, I need your support … Continue reading Fix me

Intertwine Energy

Delicate heart, concrete mind Soul and mind finally bind They become one and they intertwined It’s a massive power when they’re both combined Elegant presence, neat alter ego The feeling is so powerful, I can’t let go When it’s time to be completely awakened, I’ll know, I’ll feel it in my bones The bad energy dispersed, the good energy cloned The energy scanning through my veins I feel it healing every single day The unknown pain that made me moan is gone and I remained strong I corrected myself when wrong It’s probably written in stone Many times I’ll fall, … Continue reading Intertwine Energy


I keep sharing all this unique energy, but they’ve become greedy and they’re not sharing I’m giving, they’re consuming it, I get nothing in return, it’s not longer a rotation I’m giving you life, you’re killing me And if that’s what you want, that’s what you need to chase elsewhere I’m done with feeling like I always need to win a race, I was never racing with y’all in the first place Some are trying to compete with each other I’m trying to compete with myself And it has been my biggest challenge I know I have talent, but when … Continue reading Endlessly

Speak your mind

I’m sick and tired of being misunderstood You call me stubborn; I just know what I want, there’s a difference You like to hold in, I speak my mind, it’s a matter of preference You think I’m not nice because I speak my mind or maybe you call me emotional The way you think, to me, it’s so irrational I’m not sure what you think about your mind, but my thoughts are valuable They can become either extremely tragical or extremely magical That’s why my mind I won’t let you shut I’m not saying that what I’m saying is the … Continue reading Speak your mind

Sick Coping Mechanisms

Sick coping mechanisms Moping, because I sometimes can’t properly cope I’m broken, but I’m also glowing Soaking in tears but zoning in peace Smoking my thoughts then throwing tantrums Moaning, choking, floating So many sick coping mechanisms But it’s better than exploding I’m loading my positivity I’m voting and hoping that this time it stays My tears are provoking me to stay in darkness But I start smiling even if I’m just posing When I stop joking, I’ll start growing Continue reading Sick Coping Mechanisms

The sky is on fire

Your performance belongs in a theateryou’re careless in love but make effort in lyingthe sky is on fire tonightwhile you persuaded her with a fake appearance of passionyou welcomed her beautiful framebut quickly excluded her thoughtsyou made her weak and then took your shotnever thinking about the damagenever caring about the damagebefore you her flowers were spreading all over her bodyyou took her out of her gardenshe was light and now she has darkenedthe sky is on fire tonightshe is waiting for lightning to guard her Continue reading The sky is on fire

From hot to cold

From hot to cold Sometimes it gets old Sometimes I keep it controlled I’ve been told I’m super bold But sometimes I just want to be held But I just keep getting mislabeled Then they act surprised when I’ve rebelled Like if I’ve been disguised All this time I’ve been trying to stay alive Trying to feel better than alright I’ve been trying to provide It’s hard to describe I’ll never deny the pain I’ve been through It’s helped me survive Hypnotized sometimes mesmerized Sometimes its a paradise Other times it’s a sacrifice Continue reading From hot to cold