𝓘𝓽’𝓼 𝓣𝓲𝓶𝓮

I've found the essence for my healing.Things I've never tried before.It involves letting go of parts of me that aren't so appealing.I've tried for so long to avoid trying to do more.What I realize now is that the only person that I need to do more for is myself.The first step is self reflection.These things... Continue Reading →


Indeed!I've changed.My mentality isn't wired the same.My lips don't court languages that they used to.This change was critical.I needed to find a new path.Those old footsteps were fading.I can't follow a vision that I can't even see.Laying a paper over the print won't work...I can't trace them.Moving forward...You should do the same.Find a higher pillar... Continue Reading →

Lost Myself

On the long road of trying to please everyone else...I just might have lost myself.Just might have misguided my own steps.I made many mistakes...Took directions from the wrong people.Brought them with me.Told them why I was on this journey.I was blind, naive and lonely.I only saw what I wanted to see.The signs were all there.I... Continue Reading →

Take Care

Be gentle with yourself...You are always with everyone else.Take initiative to say, "I'm beautiful".It will feel extremely wonderful.Don't let your fears win.You can be much further than you've been.Look at who you are today.Wipe any tears away.Self exaim your potential.The idea is to reach all talents that are essential.Live for the laughs and joyous occasions.Learn... Continue Reading →

Loving Me

Loving me unconditionally.Respectfully leaving behind everything that's trying to stop me.I need to set myself free.Separate bad luck from good and let them be.Loving me is the right recipe.A lot of self respect to go with some self care, equally.Carry my chest higher than they expected of me.I won't let bad days affect my mind... Continue Reading →

Me or You

Tired isn't even the word.I used to promise myself I'll love me more than anyone else in the world.But look at me now, conflicted to choose.It's either I love me more or you.I wish this process could be much easier.My heart would stop feeling heavier.Asking the heavens for signs hasn't been working.You're showing me a... Continue Reading →

Consequences Grew Me

I've held burdens so heavy, my entire body felt the weight.I've seen tragedies so sad that my heart cried.I struggled to be great.I lived so I wouldn't be dead on the inside.Hold my name highly.Respect me for the adversities I've faced.For the battles fought quietly.They've passed but could never be erased.I don't need sympathy.I need... Continue Reading →

Self Healer

You got to feel her in all kinds of ways.You got a taste of her from inside out.She poured her heart out to you, a vivid personality.She showed your appreciation with a smile.You give her a shoulder to cry on and in the midst of trying time you let her fall.How could you?She knew better... Continue Reading →

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