Slipping, sipping, flipping out Sitting, weeping, almost quitting At that moment it felt like I was never winning Admitting to my pain, committing to heal Transmitting bad energy to those who didn’t deserve it Chilling, willing, forbidding bad energy to enter my system Splitting my good energy from my bad energy, the bad energy was so thrilling My thoughts spinning, as I was missing my peace of mind Digging deep into my thoughts to find happiness Tricking my body so it thinks I’m alright My pain triggering bad thoughts Almost drowning, swimming until I feel like I’m completely living Continue reading Drowning

Fix me

Hold my hands, I’ve been hurt With you I try to flirt But it just brings up past experiences, just a whole bunch of dirt It makes me think about all the times they tried to get under my skirt But that’s not the worst part, my patience is running short All I ever wanted was love, but all they did was play with my heart And even like that I never gave up, torn but hoping for a new start Love me entirely, part by part, admire my beauty like fine art Hold my hands, I need your support … Continue reading Fix me