Short/Haiku/Senryu Poems

My mind is a sunflower
It gives me power, a little louder
Sunk by the hour, tipping tower
Gaining superpowers, I’m not a coward
I’m a watered flower, empowered
My sky is always calm, even when it showers

Constantly observing myself from different angles.
In desperation to find my true identity.
I need to critique my own sanity.
This is the only way to evaluate the stakes.
Searching for the only person that can truly save me.
She’s in there somewhere.
Hiding in the corner of my mentality.

Beautiful high dose
You wrap your hands in my curls
A Beautiful rush

Her faded freckles.
Isolated each flower.
Grow on rose petals.

Attracted by your lovely allure
with you I find peace, you’re my soul’s cure
your love is incredibly pure
our feelings have matured, being with you feels super secure
explore through my body, I’ll give you a tour

You are pulling from me.
Draining me of my existence.
Hanging on and sucking my blood.

Leaching off of me.
You can’t be healthy.
You can’t be any good for me.

I am cold-
My soul has been sold and I need a refund.

I’m still here with you
I’m not sure why I’m searching
if I have not healed
( Senryu )

Call me tomorrow.
Bury your troubles away.
See me disappear.
( Senryu )