Season Poems

summer evenings
I’m home alone
tears streaming
I think this is how you heal
I need to find a better way to deal
you tell me you love
and treat me like you hate me
abrupt contradictions
inexplicable drunkenness of emotions
summer evenings
everyone is enjoying the beautiful day
while I’m wishing for the day to end
to go to sleep, and not feel, tired of this healing process
the thought of you promising me love
but never allowing me to access your heart
left me in a tempered glass
watching it all, but never feeling touching
never coming close
summer evenings come and go
and I still haven’t learned to let go

She finds it unbelievable that a butterfly was once a Caterpillar.
How could something like that become so beautiful?
She enjoys watching it’s beauty across the summer sky.

And when she’s told she is as beautiful, she doesn’t believe him.
How could he compare her to such beauty?
He can see more than what she sees.
With that sundress he is tempted to carry the relationship beyond the summer.

She denies him of that wish.
Scared of what he would think when the sun no longer gives her wings.
Disappointed in her reply he erases his feelings.
It was nothing but a summer fling.

I am superwoman
And you are my kryptonite.
Always a super human.
Until you come around and I can get nothing right.

You always make me weak.
Good thing you only remember me on summer nights.
I try so hard to stand firm on my feet.
With you I need a plane to take my flights.

You give me a fright.
I hope you stay away this year.
I love you is not what I want to hear.
Not on these summer nights.

Forget me forever.
Eliminate my anxiety and the effects of being near you.
Everything I’m saying is true.
I don’t want to be like this ever.

Summer nights
I want to take a flight with you far away
sit in your laps by the bay
seeing you smile
you’re always in style
I hope this feeling never expires

summer nights
we go outside
I sit in your laps, lower east side
you watch me write
this moment just feels so right

summer nights you hold my hand
demand a kiss
I don’t want these nights to end
these nights I’ll miss

summer nights are perfect
they make me forget I’m imperfect
you make my joy hit the surface

I enjoy summer days
as long as I get to look at your face
spend the hours together until the sunlight escapes
summer days are my favorite 
when you come here to stay
tell me what’s on your mind 
tell me what you’re really trying to say
there are no shades of gray
let me take away the painful weight holding you back
let me create a new environment for you where you’ll know I’ll always have your back
where you’re not constantly under attack
let me cater to you and feed you snacks
we can explore all the life hacks
summer days are fun when I’m next to you
everything that was blue you made me outgrow it
everything that was dark you made me outshine it
I would love to spend all my summer days with you
and I know that I’ll never regret it

My favorite time of year is the summer.

I love the sunshine and the way it kisses my skin.
Only one area I can never win.
These unevenly tanned chocolate brown.
I always make sure I take water on my run.

I love the length of the summer days.

I always prefer it to be bright out at 4:00pm.
When that changes? I just don’t know when.
I welcome the moonlight knowing it would be gone soon.
It’s better in August and July than it is in June.

I love the look of the sun between the trees.

I can stay under them and listen to the birds sing.
Maybe tie a rope on a branch and make my own swing.
I prefer to do these things on summer days.
I love it in so many ways.

Summer Poem Challenge
We thought it would be fun to challenge ourselves with season poems and since it’s summer, we began with summer poems 🙂  Feel free to submit 🙂