Poetry Challenges

Challenge #23 – Soft Brown Hair
I get to lay with you for a second and I run my fingers through your soft brown hair
I remember when we did this more often, you would stare into my eyes and I felt so alive
Now you barely speak to me, the connection is gone
Even when you mess up, I am the one that is wrong
We barely get along
As I run my fingers through your soft brown hair
You don’t even seem to care
It was once real, now this feeling is unfair
You’ve stopped me from becoming aware
There’s a slight undertone of what it use to be.

If you saw me before, you’ll know I’m naturally black.

Just a bit nappy in the back.

I used to be insecure because they didn’t know how to treat me.

They didn’t know my hair was what made me.

I just needed it to look different.

So I made it soft…I made it brown.

Now I’m not even who I should be.

This is what society wants, but this isn’t me.

Instead of wearing it proud, I wear it with a frown.

I’m grown enough now to know that my soft brown hair was just a show.

I just don’t need to be performing it.

I’ll be wearing my natural hair better as part of my outfit.
Challenge #22 – Guilty Pleasures
So many guilty pleasures, it’s sometimes hard to measure
Sometimes a mistake other times a treasure
Call it a balance, sometimes it makes me feel lesser, other times I feel better
I can be my own aggressor, or I’ll take myself on an adventure
Altogether, it’s not as bad, but it’ not always clever
It’s an exotic feeling when I keep myself together
Other times I rebel, it raises my blood pressure, it sometimes stains me forever
Whether it’s good or bad, there is always a lesson, or a lecture
Always under pressure, to be my own professor or to live in terror
Guilty pleasure, through pain or tears, my guilty pleasures is what makes me feel like a successor
My pain obsorbs so much of my energy.
It’s the main form of measure.
The beginning of a love sick melody.
I wish I could withdraw from this guilty pleasure.

It’s sad all around.
I have to feel the hurt to feel alive.
More adrenaline to let myself drown.
I must be close to breaking just to survive.

I’ve been affected by callousness.
It aids my strength.
Guilty pleasures of madness.
Burning internally from what I’ve felt.
Challenge #21- Spirit Animal
You only show yourself on full moons, or once in a blue
My spirit animal, tell me that you’ll love me even when they won’t follow through
Promise me that you’ll be there for me when they blur my view
Sometimes it gets rough and I need you
They feed me lies but when you speak, I know it’s true
When you leave me, I don’t know what to do
With you I grew, they kept me guessing, you gave me all the clues
I believe in you, I always knew
My spirit animal please promise you will love me even when I’m feeling blue
Help me heal even when I’m screwed
Honing in on my unseen skills.
Hiding from anything unhealthy.
I’m too sly.
I always get by making a living.

Channeling the spirit animal within.
I’m the fox that always gets away.
Even without any sin.

Don’t be surprised by what I can do.
It’s way more advanced than a plan or two.

I’ll be the same when you return.
After all hope crash and burn.

I’m holding on to more than what you see.
Being my spirit animal makes me feel free.
Stay Tuned! 🙂
Challenge #20- They Dance Under the Moonlight
His glances are timid in the daytime
Acting suspicious like he committed a crime
His smile is barely a smile
Whispers in her ear that he loves her while he slowly distances himself from her
As the sun sets, he gets closer to her
He was distanced before, now he slowly approaches her
He is now moving in towards her in slow motion
Playing with her emotions
He loves her dearly, but isn’t ready to admit it to himself
He continues to love her in the shadows
They’ll keep dancing under the moonlight
Until he loves himself in pure light first
Until they’re ready to dance in the sunlight too
They can’t seem to express themselves through conversations.
They lack that aspect.
But they really don’t miss the verbal interactions.
They found a way to replace the missing pieces at night.
The intimacy is expressed differently.
They dance under the moonlight.
Holding each other gracefully.
The best embrace.
They get lost in moves that require eye contact.
In arms that only know a gentle pace.
This is the only way their bodies can interact
Stay tuned! 🙂
Challenge #19- How do you Accidentally summon a Demon
How to summon a demon
It’s quite common to lose your freedom
When you’re tired of the pain and you turn evil
Your mind becomes so chaotic you need to go under treatment
How to summon a demon
When you don’t take care of yourself
When your mind and soul can’t come to an agreement
It starts to weaken everything you believed in
How to summon a demon
When you’re getting beaten every day by your own thoughts, can’t get anything across
When you’re hurting other people’s feelings for no reason
Sometimes we need it, but for the most part it’s best if you leave it sleeping
I didn’t know that looking in mirrors was so lethal.
I didn’t know it would bring out something so vile.
Taken over with self doubt.

Did I always have it in me?

How do you accidentally summon a demon?

How do you not know what’s resting inside?

It’s been testing my ego, devouring my pride.
I no longer care for the demise of my soul.
I am hovering in limbo.

Unfortunately, I’ll be consumed forever.
Unless I’m rescued by true love.
That is the greatest exorcism of all.
The ultimate defender.
Challenge #18- Lovesick Ghost
Lovesick ghost
Tell them who is the one who loves you the most
All this time you should’ve been taking notes
You’ve had many visitors, but I am the host
Love, sick, ghost
Do I stick with it? Do I let you go?
I loved you, but your love made me sick
It was either love me or leave me, but you never picked
You were so silent it almost felt like I was dating a ghost
Sick ghost love
You never loved me up-close
And that really blows
You acted like I was against you, but I only made you glow
A ghost sick of love
Praying for the one from above
I should’ve taken action but I froze
The love I consumed, had a very high dose
You swear that you love me but that’s not what you showed
Searching for a way to get back to my body.
Why doesn’t he see me anymore?
Why am I unseen but feel so heavy?
And yet my feet doesn’t touch the floor.

I need to find a pathway.
Maybe you won’t walk right through me.

I want you to hold me like you used to.
Before the disconnection.
You’re not the man I used to know.
Even as I watch from this dimension.

I’m searching for an open gateway.
And it’s making me sick.

In the midst of all this I still love you.
And I’m determined to exist.
I wish you were a ghost too.
I just want to be kissed.
Challenge #17- Reincarnation
My soul feels the sensation
My vibe is in rotation
I feel the vibration
My soul needs to cleanse, it’s an obligation
Stuck in a cycle, I need to move to make new creations
My heart is present but my mind is in a different location
I need to ascend, I need an elevation
My soul is not completely free, it’s on probation
I want to move on but staying stuck is such a temptation
One must die for reincarnation
But sometimes I feel dead and when I cleanse my soul, I elevate in a different situation
I’m not the same person as I was yesterday, my soul has matured, each time it’s a new exploration
The old pain gets processed for elimination
My soul then feels a stimulation
I keep holding on to motivation
It’s that determination that will keep me sane until expiration
I have been sabotaging my own timeline.
I wasn’t in the right mind.
A mind is a terrible thing to waste.
But it was almost impossible to keep up with the pace.

I just needed a new start.
The chance to get lost in my own art.
That life was draining my essence.
Unappreciative of my presence.

I believe in reincarnation.
Awaiting its evaluation.
I am on a mission to be liberated.
Free from where I started.

I hope to soar in ways I couldn’t before.
I refuse to be basic anymore.
Hoping my soul is brighter.
Reborn a fighter.
Challenge #16- Beginning
Have you ever felt like you needed to shout?
You open your mouth, and nothing comes out?
But tears start to flow, when you’re trying to hide them, they run really slow
You hold in so much emotion, one day you explode, you’re on a different mode
And you think it’s random, it came out of nowhere, it’s a heavy load
Tears still running in slow motion plus the bottled-up emotions
That were left unsaid, the times you wanted to speak, but you got shut down
The times you wanted to cry, but you were alone
No one to give you a hug, no one to miss
What do you do when you need a genuine kiss?
A simple touch, someone sane, someone to help you through the pain
The bottled-up emotions eating away your personality
Stuck in a certain mentality, defining morality,
Create a new beginning, create your own reality
I am too close to the edge.
Too close to be laying here.
This cliff is taunting.
Begging me to say goodbye.
To make my end with humanity.

But I rather say hello.
I am ready for a new beginning.
No more inflicting pain to myself.
No more flowing tears.
I need to be strong.

Getting up will be hard.
I hope this is the best of all beginnings.
Too many chances unfolded for my good.
Robbing the good souls of a second chance.
And this is my tenth strike.
I am going to cherish each breath this time.
Challenge #15- Stand
Let’s go hang and chill
Go to the ice cream stand for a little
I just want a taste of your love, for real
I don’t have to explain myself because you know the deal
You make me feel, this feeling is ideal
The feeling is surreal, it’s so good, it feels unreal
You’ve helped me heal
It’s nice to know I don’t stand alone
My hand you love to hold
I was told my heart was old and cold
It was ready to be sold, but
You’ve helped me mold my heart
You’ve helped me turn it gold
I’m glad I don’t stand alone
I will stand for what I believe in.
No matter the hurt and the pain.
Recieving unwanted bullets in my chest.
This is what it looking like to be on the opposite end.
Specifically, on the receiving.
I will stand for love, peace and unity.
I will stand until my legs are so weak they buckle.
Until they retire.
Under any weather.
Standing won’t phase me nor what I believe in.
It won’t cripple my army.
Because my army is me.
I will be relentless.
Rent spaces in reality to fill them.
Occupy them with love, peace and unity.
People will hurt less.
Challenge #14- Rain
As the rain falls slowly
I curl up in a corner of my bed
Trying to explain once again to my brain
what caused it all the pain because it still doesn’t understand 
As the rain falls slowly
I try to maintain my balance
I’m trying to gain positive knowledge 
Trying to dismiss all the strain
As the rain falls slowly
A train of thought hits me hard
I’m trying not to cry but my tears are hard to contain
As the rain falls slowly
I try to get up, but my body refrains
I’m trying to get up, by my body is drained
When my mind is wake, I’ll feel it in my veins
Wash away the sins that are too heavy.
I bare them but I wasn’t ready.
Stuck between a rock and a hard place.
Running at an odd pace.

I can’t stop running.
And the rain keeps coming.
I can’t wash away the pain.
My persona has a huge stain.

I am not allowed to cry.
All they do is pry.
Polluting the water meant for my cleaning.
None left for my healing.
Challenge #13 – Outbreak
And for a moment I thought you were giving me a break
But once again you’ve caused me a heartbreak
You are the reason for my heartaches
You’re the cause for my mental outbreaks
Running from you felt like I was running from an earthquake 
I thought we were done with the nightmare and finally awake
But you were causing all these mental outbreaks
Your heart was fake, the aches were real
I never had a chance, I couldn’t beat the king snake
Tired of erosions interrupting my reality.
It’s just not fair to me.
Reliving multiple heart breaks.
Causing all these heartaches.

Hiding from heartache outbreak.
Stay away for my sake.
I am too fragile.
You are convinced I’m cramping your style.

And maybe I should stop playing myself.
Shouldn’t blame anyone else.
It’s not you’re fault I can’t face the hurt.
Wearing a jacket in the summer when I should just wear a shirt.

Call me when it’s safe again.
When there’s no longer love on the brain.
I am never immune.
Emancipate me from the fume.
Challenge #12 – Calendar
I keep checking the days in my calendar 
plotting if any of these days I’m breaking my silence 
lately I’ve been so unbalanced 
I completely shifted from my persona, it was almost as if I was in a coma
I’m going to need to reinforce a counterbalance 
I lose myself, I forget who I am, and then I check my attendance 
I check the days in my calendar 
I remind myself I’m my own guidance 
I’m driven by my impatience 
I succeed through my dedication
I want more time with you.
Less time alone.
Rearranging the calendar just might do.

I want to erase the days you have to be gone.
Double, maybe triple the ones when you are here.
Erasing the times I got it wrong.

I need you close enough to hold.
To feel your body next to mine forever.
Entertaining one complete fold.

I need the calendar to give you back to me.
So I’m creating a new one.
Building a new month just for us and you will see.
Challenge #11 – Ending
I’ve tried to forget you, but I can’t get you of my head
I thought the memories of you were ending
But they’re still present and alive
It’s been my weakest design
I’m staying up late at night praying for signs
I’ve been thinking so much about you it’s getting out of line
I thought I would be fine
I thought this was the ending
My thoughts of forgetting you, my mind has declined
If I can’t forget you on my own, I’ll need the assistance of wine
Get intoxicated, I try to breathe and feel suffocated
I think of you and I feel devastated
I thought this was the ending of my thoughts of you
But instead it grew, I try to erase them, and they renewed
This is the ending of running from my shadow.
I will embracing both parts of me.
Both good and bad will follow.

This will not be a duplication.
This me is too uptight.
A cause for complete deletion.
I will be the first to accept the resurrection.
Burning and rising like a Phoenix.
Eventually forming a spiritual connection.

Welcome to the ending.
Stay tuned for a new me.
I will no longer be straight- I will be bending.
Challenge #10 – A Torn Photograph
All that’s left is a torn photograph
Before I found all the discoveries
Where I was absorbing all our sacred memories and pain
Now anything barely remains
Again, I go over it and try to explain to my brain
Why so many ugly memories I retained
I look at the photograph and my mind goes insane
I tore the image to refrain myself from continuously staining myself with pain
A feeling which once was so intense now feels plain
I got tired of the complaining
I wasn’t maintaining, I wasn’t gaining
The memories were too much, I could no longer sustain it
Broken pieces, that’s all that’s remaining
I want to see you differently.
This picture isn’t it.
It’s no where in my memory.
Not even a little bit.

This is when we used to be happy.
When you cared about us.
When you cared so much about me.
All I have now is broken trust.

You weighed in at one hundred.
Now you’re at zero.

Staring at this picture all torn.
Wish I could still call you my hero.

You should of showed me the ending of our story.
I would of left.
Rid you of the glory.
I can’t believe you used to make me think I was blessed.
Challenge #9 – Raw
Raw emotions
Raw vibrations
They prefer whispers, maybe even silence
I want raw love above all
I want raw talent, valid feelings
Not all this imbalanced chaos cause by remaining silence
Speak your mind
Don’t be absent minded, tell me how you really feel
Are those raw words, do you really mean it?
You’re degrading your intelligence by escaping your feelings
They prefer denying it, they get a feeling and ignore it
I’ll never sensor, I operate without a filter, you only get two features
Raw emotions
Raw vibrations
My soul is always pure
I haven’t come across a lot of pure souls
Therefore, sometimes I roll by myself
I’ve been my own student and I’ve also been my own teacher
I had to be my own preacher, but it was always raw, it was always pure
I love your aura.
Like a rain shower of uncensored.
And that’s my favorite.
Nothing can compel me.
I’m the positive end.
You complete my magnetic force.
Attracted to your form of negative.
Our connection is justified.

It would be impossible without you.
Uncovered, raw persona.
I am attracted to you.
Pure has nothing on the things you can do.
I love it because you’re real.
Raw, but enough for me to consume.

I don’t want to do this thing called life without you.
Your presence clarifies so much.
No need hide in your shadow.
You enhance my existence.
Challenge # 8 – Nightmares
Last night I had a nightmare
Forbidden memories pressed me
Poisoning reality
Bringing up experiences I have erased
I was trying to wake up
But I was in a mental lock up
I kept reliving my anxieties, Making myself prisoner
Poor mind, Magnetic negative waves
Thoughts of horror
The only sense I felt was fear
I prayed the end wasn’t near
Looking for a sweeter proposal
A drunken voice called my name
A shade of dark mimicked my actions
I was captured and I was looking for my savior
I was punished and not by the creator
I thought this wouldn’t happen if I stayed awake
But it was no demon doing damage
It was me
I thought I was stuck in a cycle
But I was my own nightmare
I haven’t been able to detach from these dreams.
More like nightmares.
Enemies of my soul.
I can’t live like this anymore.

Can’t witness any more karma.
They say she’s bad and now I believe it.
Don’t give any more head.
I’ve been decapitated.
But these nightmares are never faded.

Swing by before I’m gone forever.
Sucked into deeds that introduced me to karma.
And my addiction to drama.
I want to fight it but all I get are nightmares.

Help me reattach my head to the good part of me.
Maybe it can no longer be a part of me.
Maybe a result from my decapitation.
There might be no resolution to get rid of these nightmares.
Challenge # 7 – Twilight
We were in the final stages
in a twilight phase
too many times I tried to shine light
too many times that was just an imaginary thought
my soul is native to your thoughts
it feels every movement you make
piercing through resources
I’ve come up with a hypothesis
in order to be happy with you
I would need to freeze my thoughts
and that thought doesn’t sit right
incoming breaths as I try to understand
I can’t understand why the duration of the love was so short
if it was supposedly pure
but your patterns always made me feel insecure
I don’t even know why I’m still contemplating
I just want a peace formula
I deserve better
And my twilight will soon start.
I want to be me again.
Such is near an impossible fate.
I deserve a great spin.
Because now I’m consumed with hate.

And my twilight is near.
Where I will soon see the bottom.
Numb within my own skin.
Among every atom.
I can’t possibly win.

You created this.
Dimmed my shine, making it impossible to see my way.
I don’t need you to console me.
I have nothing else to say.
All you did was try to control me.

I used to adore you.
Until I found out you’re intentions were dirty.
Shoot me up just to shoot me out the sky.
Out of my position and I’m no longer sturdy.
You no longer give me a high.

And I am at my twilight.
I have no more light left in me to fight.
Challenge # 6 – Rebel
You’re upset that you no longer get to control my gains
And now you claim that I’m a rebel
When really, I’m just on a different level
You’re stuck behind and I’m trying to win the life medal
You’re going around telling everyone I’m a rebel
Because I refuse to resemble your unconditional negative vibe
Which most times it’s hard to describe because it’s not a genuine vibe
But I’m a rebel because I don’t want to play with the devil
She didn’t come with a warning label.
But they still labelled her.
Tarnished her name with what they see.
It’s a shame they don’t know the full story.
Judging her without a cause.
Pulling from false evidence.
Jumping to rational conclusions.

She was labeled.
Dragged for getting pregnant by her boss at seventeen.
And prosecuted for keeping it.
But she was deep in it.
Held hostage by her heart that created the label.
They just added the name, rebel.
And she could never hide under the tabel.

She was put on trial.
And she tried to explain.
She loves him but he denied that he felt the same.
She felt ashamed.
Eager to hide from this spell on her.
She didn’t deserve the label, rebel.
Challenge #5 – Freedom
Hurt inside
smiling outwardly
my anxiety takes me by surprise
I get shooked and it makes me feel cowardly
I leave my house early
to avoid having to feel awkwardly
I’m fucked up
I’m messed up
sometimes it makes it hard to keep up
it goes smooth for a few days and then I fuck up
I fall down and I force myself to get up
I go to the mirror and whisper “never give up”
never give in to your demons
they’ll leave you with lesions
but never give your Angels so much power you become powerless
where you become blinded and your world is colorless
it’s a balance
a map of guidance
we need to feed both sides
or one side will empower us
I feel…
Heated, mistreated.
I’m defeated by all the times you lied.
But you were inevitable.
It’s me that knew better.
Why did I think you would set me free?
I housed imaginary endings inside me.
But this isn’t freedom.
This isn’t a Democracy.
I just have to let it be.
Time to move on so I can sing my praises.
Construct my own phrases of a song.
And I hope I’m not wrong for wanted to be free of you.
This isn’t the 1800’s.
I need to break these shackles off my heart.
See what freedom is like when we’re no longer together.
I should of cut ties with you long ago.
Stop bending my bows to satisfy your arrow.
It would be freedom when we’re apart.
No more shackles on my heart.
Challenge #4- Letting Go
Letting go
I don’t know
What it feels like
My feelings I want to release in open mic
Some many feelings bottled up
I have a feeling
In order to let go
My silence I need to break
I need to release all my aches
I won’t flake anymore
I get my pen and my journal, and I sit by the lake
There I sit and I write about all my heartbreaks and all the snakes
I write about the times I haven’t been awake, in a dark state
All the birthday wishes and the birthday cakes
Letting go of all the memories
They’re all I know, but not ones I enjoy
Barely brought me any joy, they would always seem to destroy
Letting go
I don’t know what it feels like
It’s so unlike me to let things go
but my memories dislike me
and they keep striking me
I need to stop them from ripping me and let them go
I  am a master of this feeling.
Detouring my own process of healing.
Letting shit go!
You know.

Bottling mixed feelings for later.
Maybe it’ll make me feel better.
Or maybe not.
They wanted me to recover but I never forgot.

And the idea of forgetting is nearly extinct.
Even if I play with puzzles to help me think.
I have been cutting the pieces together.
I’ll be putting this shit together forever.

I just wanna leave it all in the past.
Throw away the crown and the mask.
Prince charming isn’t coming to save me.
I’ll keep the hurt inside until it phase me.

I’m not someone to start getting to know.
I’m a master at not letting go.
Challenge #3- Catastrophe
she was never in that much pain
but she catastrophized her symptoms to make him stay
she made him think she would feel betrayed
she got tired of being slayed
she decided she would become the slayer
the roles switched and now she was the player
his time she wanted to waste
his actions she wanted to copy and paste
so he could feel
what it feels
the real tears
the feeling of not knowing how to deal
how long it takes to heal
the feeling is so unreal
it can have you missing meals
he used to call her dramatic
what a tragic
instead of making love to her, he made her panic
it was never climatic
never fantastic
never no magic
her feelings to him were always a catastrophe
and now he’s in a lonely phase
now he sits in agony
And everything you memorized is a tragedy.
Not saying it wasn’t, but it might be too much.
Something you do to cope with the energy.

Everything rewritten in your mind.
You see blood where there isn’t a drop in sight.
Pretty impossible to find.

Hiding your heart from the potential hurt.
Keeping out everyone that would be magnetized to you.
Buried the vessel in the dirt.

And since everything is catastrophized.
You keep everyone worried about you.
Even if you’re organized.
Challenge #2- Three line Poem
We stare at the sky because it’s a nice shade of blue
I’m growing feelings for you
I’m really enjoy this view
No more access to my heart.
No need to check back anytime soon.
There won’t be any vacancy for you.
Challenge #1 – Time Travel
I wish I could time travel to just yesterday
because just yesterday you told me that you adored me
today I felt like I bored you
you just wanted to score me
I was pleading you for attention
I had better luck getting in another dimension
I wish I could time travel to just yesterday
because just yesterday my heart wasn’t feeling this tension
suffering from a sudden love suspension
My affection has been detached
My emotions have been dispatched
I need a love extension
did I forget to mention
I wish I could time travel to just yesterday
because just yesterday you were holding my hand
we made love in the sand
I guess I left this part unplanned
If I could time travel to yesterday I wouldn’t of met you
I wish it were possible to delete you.
Along with these disgraceful memories.
I should of never entertained your disrespect the first time.
I just wanna go back in time.
Define this chaos before it became the ruins I now lay in.
My days are now ruined by every second you speak to me.
It’s not fair that you get to mess up so often.

Why did you do it the first time?

I’m pressing reset this time.
You won’t be the king to this mind anymore.
You are completely eliminated.
I get to be the me I was before.
And when you read this it will be too late.
You will never remember we had dated.

Why didn’t I do it the first time?

Now I can be at peace.
No missing you.
No memory of anything bad you’ve ever done.
Maybe this is the best solution for my dreams to come through.
I got it right this time.
No more storms within the rainfall.
No more clouds to block our sun.

I hope this is the last time I have to mess with the timeline.
No more time travelling to fix you.
Don’t want to waste the little I have travelling.
Challenge #1
Random Poem Topic #1 (Time Travel) – Release date 7/13/19
First challenge is to write a poem about “Time Travel”. This was chosen randomly. These are just for fun and to feed our inner poets and keep our imagination alive. 🙂 Feel free to join and submit (mommywrtiters@gmail.com)