Peace, serenity… to clear my mind and stay away from the enemy Focusing all my energy on them was leaving me breathlessly The worst part is they never felt any empathy I was focused on them and they were also just focused on themselves … Peace, clarity…to focus most of my energy on myself instead of them The way they were living their life, it was so dreadfully In them I tried to find therapy, but they’re mostly focused on jealousy They were never close to becoming my remedy, I walked away, my heart feeling heavily I wanted to help … Continue reading Serenity

Sleep Paralysis

Sleep paralysis, I cannot move Stuck in analysis, to fight or remain calm My mind is alarmed, it’s wide awake while my body is asleep Hearing footsteps around me, getting closer to my body I cannot move, the paralysis I cannot remove Dark shadows surround me, and I cannot move To enjoy the experience or cry in terror, I cannot choose “Snap out of it, it’s just a dream!”, or is it? A horrific alignment, when my mind and body cannot come to an agreement It feels like they get a signal, the demons They say “it’s all in your … Continue reading Sleep Paralysis

Miraculous Moments

Miraculous moments finally starting to happen I was stuck in a misfortune for a really long time I always proceeded with caution But sometimes we get extreme pain without a warning Some days it feels like torture, but I learned to tackle it portion by portion My patience would shorten, some days I had really sad mornings I thought I was alone, but I noticed the pain was quite common I always recover from pain, but the experiences are never forgotten My positive thoughts played a huge role, my thoughts are extremely important Got so close to my positive thoughts, … Continue reading Miraculous Moments

Next Step

I don’t want to overstep I don’t want to be here if I’m not wanted here… Let me know, I could easily disappear You keep toying with my mind Tell me how you really feel… Just for a slight second be real You swore that you would love me But moments with you and I never feel wanted I want to sit on your lap, you’re too busy with your cigar Your vibe was a vibe I once admired I guess your feelings for me expired Who knew…that there was limit to love me? Who knew… that you once loved … Continue reading Next Step