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I am trapped
Trapped trapped trapped
Trapped in my own head

And just like that
That that that
I keep bumping into hungers that can’t be fed

How could it be
Be be be
That even here, in my own head

There’s nothing about me to see
See see see
Nothing but you, instead

Author- Melissa Wilkin

I’ll close my window.
I don’t care for how much longer
I’m ready to stay locked in.
I promise, here this virus won’t blow.
But what about the monsters
that still cling to my skin?

Author- Melissa Wilkin

“She’s mental”, “she’s crazy”, “she’s weird”, “she has problems”, I hear it all. I don’t say hi when you say hi, I talk but no one listens. I have social anxiety, I feel invisible all the time. You don’t know how much the words you say hurt me . How much I wish I was normal like everyone else. I was abused, physically and verbally. Bullied and so much stuff. I have a 16 month old son who I love so much, and I’ll protect him with my life. But I’m scared for the future. This world is so mean, they don’t understand. They don’t get how words can affect us daily, we’re all just trying to get by. Just get through another day, trying to stay strong and not break down in front of everyone. But words hurts us more than you can even imagine, they tear us down, make us feel worthless like we don’t even matter. But we do matter, every person on this planet matters. Words hurt, but I’m done letting it ruin me.

Author- Anonymous

Weighing heavy on my heart
I loved you before it could even start
I let you go for reasons you may never understand
But in this life, we don’t get the upper hand
Here you wouldn’t be free
I already have three
I wouldn’t want you to live this way
We’re all suffering…
You stay…
I think about you a lot, feel a lot of shame
But I didn’t want you to suffer the way you do
Maybe I am the selfish one
But in my heart, I know it was the right thing to have done

Author- Alyssa

You met my mom in 83 but I never met you until 86. why? 
My mom waited until she knew you were the one
You married my mom with baggage, but you didn’t care
I cried for a dad for so many years and you filled the void 
You accepted me as your own
You put it on paper, so I knew it was real
You gave me your last name so I could feel
Feel what it’s like to have a have a father
You were the only dad I knew for so long 
I was not the perfect daughter, but you loved me still
You were my father, the father you didn’t have to be…

Author- Julie

All your text messages have been left, unread
All your mail sitting on my kitchen table, unread
All the lies coming out of your mouth, heard 
All the things you’ve done, seen
All the hurt you’ve done, received
All the pain, felt
All your promises, trash
Every single letter you have sent me, unread
Like my life

Author- Stephtacos

I hear what y’all say
She’s mean, she never smiles, she has an attitude all day
But you all don’t really know how it feels to be a living chimney
I wish I can find the words to tell yall
But I can’t seem to talk
With me you can neither judge my story or read between the lines
For I am, unread

Author- Anonymous

I end my night and lay in bed… tossing and turning…thinking about words that are left unsaid…and to think I was just so mad…thinking about that fight we had…but now it’s silent and my warmth is gone…wishing we could dance to our favorite song…but now I’m left with words unsaid and I can’t bare to face it…so i leave your tombstone UNREAD.

Author- Insane Heart

All the pain and tears I shoved deep down
Turned my face away so you didn’t see my frown
All the hurt and anger I buried in my heart
Tried to forget, so I could keep doing my part
All the times I wondered if you were where you said
I’d distract myself with a task or just go to bed
When smiling was hard and playing was a job
I rolled up my sleeves and hid all my sobs
When it all comes up, and I can’t hold it in
When the pain comes up from deep down within
When the thunder of the voice once silenced roars back
When my blood boils up thinking of the love that you lack
Depression creeps in cause my wall has a crack
But instead of giving in and falling into the black
I get my cement seal it up, push it back
Take my deep breathe, fix my face, 
leave no trace 
cause I know…
My kids need me and my warm embrace

Author- Sha

Staring at the same four walls day and night
Forgot what the outside world looks like
Forgot how to communicate with others
Feels like I’m in an escape room, but can’t seem to escape
The walls are closing in on me little by little
Trapped in a small space
Trapped in hell
Trapped in a monster
Just want to strap up and blow this place up
Need freedom
Need fresh air
Need friends
Need a life

Author- Stephtacos

I was so into you…
I didn’t realize you weren’t listening…
My heart I spilled…
And still…
They always said “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me”
And that’s what I believed…
It was me…

Author- Alyssa

Almost seven years
Just to realize I’ve been living with a stranger
I have been sharing my bed with a stranger
With our backs turn to each other every night
The stranger was once the love of my life I wanted for so long
This stranger is the same stranger that once wanted to marry and make me his forever
But forever doesn’t last long
This stranger has been living a double life beside me
Why must I continue to love and care for this stranger
When the stranger doesn’t give a s hit about me
This stranger has brought joy and pain to my life
Mostly pain now
Noting but tears and heartache
Would he ever become the love of my life again?
Or will he continue to be a stranger I’m living with

Author- Stephtacos

Tu me dijiste that you love me pero we all know that was a lie.

Tu me dijiste that you wanted to marry me, but that just ended up being words you knew I wanted to hear.
Tu me dijiste that I’m the only one that matters but your actions show otherwise.

Tu me dijiste y tu me dijiste pero yo te digo a la mierda contigo.

Author- Stephtacos

Who would have known my life would be turning out this way.
Who would of thought I wasn’t really on my game.
This boy trying gain some fame while throwing lies, and shade to my name.
Oh my! What a SHAME!
Some might say…
“Same game different name.”
But who to blame but me?!
This has all become my reality.
Stuck sitting around wishing for luck, like I’m a silly duck!
Stuck sitting around saying,
“One day it will get better.”
While my heart has endure enough of this cold weather.
When will I get it together?
When will I truly see I deserve better?
Sometimes the voices say never…..

Author- Tiffari Bucknor

I am chaos.
Spinning out of control.
Like a hurricane, I pick everything up and throw them everywhere.

No regards for the circumstances.
No time for the aftermath.
By passing any alternative.

Reckless reconstruction.
Paralyzing any deep conversation.
No use trying to reach me.

I will crack the path you walk on.
No hesitation.
Pills and potions- I’m a real life addiction.

Impossible to pull away.
When I’m done with you I move on.
Causing chaos in someone else’s life.

Author- Arorah

The road that had always lead us under

It always made me surrender

These moves are charging me as a public offender

I would be on the other side as the defender

There’s no need to crawl back on the bed

There’s no need to fight what was said

You can blow the fuse inside my head

Lit the fire inside me when you put the lights red

My body’s temperature is burning like thunder

My eyes are sending lightning like thunder

My lips are electrified like thunder

My voice is rumbling like thunder

Come let me show you the rain

Come let me take away the pain

Come let me show you how to gain

Come let me show inside my reign

Author- Varlyne

That pure, sensitive feeling i used to have inside.

Has day by day convert itself into a misery i can’t hide.

There’s not even a glimpse of what was.

Am i cursed to have suffered so much pain and agony?

Hearing your voice used to be so soothing.

It brought comfort and warmth to my heart.

You used to make me see that you will never let nothing and nobody hurt me.

The irony of the story is now i see the person that hurt me the deepest is you.

I lost my self confidence, my integrity and my self respect along the way.

So many days and nights i spent crying and asking, what did i do wrong?

Why couldn’t i see this coming?

Your name gives me a sense of distress.

I can’t imagine myself with you.

The person I love the deepest has become the person i am learning to hate

But it is still difficult to turn off the button completely

My body and heart are drain out of any feelings and understanding.

I can honestly say now that i am not loved.

Wishing that you could see the love in me.

Only God knows how much i need love, trust, respect, understanding and acceptance.

You took so much from me and i asked for so little.

I should’ve had the courage to not let things go this far.

Believe it or not, i am not a quitter but in this case i need to see me first.

Author- Varlyne

This is not suppose to be like this
I was not suppose to feel like this
With one click, my life opened up to a new future
I  needed to find myself some closure
I am here you there but our connection is undeniable
I need to know that this is reliable
We can’t wait to put these feelings into actions
As the days, months are passing by with no interaction
Past can hurt while the present brings comfort
While this is new and refreshing, can we make the effort?
You are my warrior and my soldier bear king
As i am  your savior and safe haven
Ain’t scare to let you lead me through your heart
Just know that from the day we together ain’t never going to be apart.
I will keep this feelings in a safe place
Where i can always be surprised by its treasure

Author- Varlyne

An empty room

For empty wishes

Why celebrate life

If isn’t brand new

An empty tree

With lifeless presents

24 nights had shaded to blue

A heart full of ache

A pile of debt from my mistakes

A beautiful seed from a dying tree

Overwhelming desire

To escape from responsibilities

Sleepless nights

Endless labor

Childhood was a beautiful dream

Adulthood is an intense reality

Author- Naomi

she didn’t know she was just a summer fling

she thought one day she would get a ring

he forgot to mention she was not the supposedly wifey type

she was getting hyped of the idea of loving you

and you just swiped her away

didn’t care who would wipe her tears away

it wouldn’t be a problem

if you were straight up

but you told her what you thought she wanted to hear

instead of being real

incapable of being real

so, you spit your game until she got near

looked her in the eyes

told her straight up lies

she is not upset because she lost you

who are you?

she is upset at the lies

the wasted time

she is not upset that you’re gone

who are you?

she is upset at the time that’s gone

you wasted her time

you wasted her time

she is a natural loner

she don’t mind being lonely

and you took her out her peacetime

just to waste her time

Author- Venus

I’ve always had two sides of me.
One is a saint.
One might be a little too freaky.
Like white vs. black paint.
I prefer to evaluate my next step.
She refuses to wait.

I take care of my state.
Keep up with both of us whole heartedly.
She has too much on her plate.
She’s too selfish but still only love herself partially.

It’s sad.
Very unfortunate.
That always makes me mad.

I still have to live with her.
She’ll always be the side I’d never prefer.

Author- Arorah

If I were to die today

You would probably have a million regrets

Wondering why you weren’t nice to me 

Telling everyone what a good person I was

But is that how you really feel now? 

While I am alive? 

The guilt of not appreciating me while you had me 

If I got married today

You would probably congratulate me

But would be secretly hating 

Because you don’t want me

But you don’t want to see me with anyone else

If I ran away today

Would you search for me? 

Would you even notice? 

The fear of forever losing me

But not currently wanting me 

If I forgot you today

Would you be hurt? 

Would you go numb?

When you realize what you did not appreciate 

It will be too late to feel anything at all

Author- Venus

Can you cover the lies better next time?

I can still see the lipstick stain on your shirt collar from the kisses she planted on your neck.

And yet…

You have the audacity to tell me

I’m overreacting.

You’re forgetting what I specialize in.

The art of make up!

Maybe this is cause for a breakup.

But you know what?

This is a warning.

I’ll hit the spa. That should be calming.

There shouldn’t be a next time.

But if you decide to, get a pen, I’ll prepare the dotted line.

I’m worth more than just a pussy to play with.

I’m it!

And if you happen to forget that again.

Pack your bags and find somewhere else to play that game.

Author- Arorah

To be invisible……Has always been a fear of mine, what if he cannot see me, what if he cannot feel me, what if I part without leaving so much as a mark in this world…so many what if’s, so much to wonder. Some days I see a start, a future, I aspire, I dream while awake, I smile at what could be but is not, I imagine, I allow my mind to mold, alter, and shape the truth, not erase, but reshape so that it fits me, I look behind me only when what’s in front of me is too painful to look at. My heart can say maybe one day, and my thoughts agree, I can split myself into as many as needed for goals I yearn to reach…..but then…..there’s days when the future lies at the end of a never ending tunnel, and I only aspire to survive the day, is the definition of surviving to live or die, I awake in a nightmare and dream of awaking, I long for what should be but cannot, reality pulls me…

On which side I stand is unclear, on one side love is a pastime for fools with no courage to accept their fate, to accept that maybe they are destined to be alone, a crutch for the weak, 

Then on the other side love is a sign, a sign that there is something greater to live for, something harder to work for, a challenge left for the strong, a riddle for the wise and a guide for the blind.

Author- Jennifer


Something something behind your eyes pulls me in a swirling tornado of mystery with treasures untouched and unknown to me are you a fantasy created from fallacies of what others say you should be

or Journey tailored only for me exposing my  inner sea of waking my conscious energy unlocking different levels of ecstasy that the eyes can’t believe and only the heart can see my eyes are bright with a dash of fright with a childlike wonder and passion as thunder let’s both go under and see what we find in abstract live let’s touch our divine take our time what were creative is love felt not defined love free transcending time never confined never confined.

  Author- Zentia