Ghostwriter, I’m ghostwriting because I’m scared… I write my feelings out because I’m too coward to confront you I love you but do you feel the same? I rather not know I just want you to genuinely help me repair Repair all the damage and the scars that they left My heart needs to rest, I’m tired of all these tests, I’m tired of the stress Ghostwriter, I’m ghostwriting because I’m scared… I just want you to care, do it because you want to and not because it feels like a dare I dare you to show me your true … Continue reading Ghostwriter

Spring Rain

I watch the rain hit my window A late Domingo My thoughts flow, I feel like such a weirdo Stuck in limbo Some of my skin shows I smell the rain; it helps me erase the pain The pain once engraved in my brain The pain that after years remained I have so much to gain, so much peace to maintain As I watch the rain hit my window My tears I try to contain, the good energy I try to sustain Again, and again I’ve trained my brain To only entertain the thoughts that don’t drain To only entertain … Continue reading Spring Rain

It’s not you…it’s them

How can someone tell you they love you and not mean it? Someone with a pure heart would never do something so cruel You deserve better You think it’s your fault and you take different measures It’s not you… it’s their manipulative selves Telling you they love you to get in your pants Telling you they love you just for a good time You deserve better Don’t settle, don’t fall under pressure Manipulating is their gift, their Gods at it You deserve better altogether You don’t need this pain to last forever It’s not you…it’s them… You were raised from … Continue reading It’s not you…it’s them

I don’t know

In slow motion I drink your love potion It brings up so many emotions … To love you or to only observe you To love you or only trust you? There is no such thing To love you forever or only during spring? To love you at all. What if it stings? … If I don’t try…I’ll never know To go…or go with the flow To hide it from you…Or let it show I keep thinking about it and I just don’t know Continue reading I don’t know