Press replay.
Rewind the heartaches just so I can feel you again.
So I can get lost in the sorrows you bring me.
Maybe then I can see you again.
Hear your voice one more time.
Even the “I hate you” that you murmured after our last argument.
I just want to be near you.
One last goodnight kiss since we won’t exist tomorrow.
I hated the hurt, but I loved you.
Without you I would not have learned strength.
I needed that to survive us
I would not have had patience.
I needed that to wait for the right time to leave.
But now that you’ve moved on I can’t help but think I was at fault.
Maybe I was the one in the wrong.
Maybe you were the one that needed to be strong.
All I know is that I want another chance.
I want to give you another dance.
Press replay.
Let’s play as though we gave it another chance.

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