I got a lyft the other day.
The driver was okay.
He didn’t pout and his car didn’t sway.
He was actually a gentleman, I was surprised.
I rarely get doors open for me when I get a ride.
There was even a blush on my face that I had to hide.
I was somewhat shy due to his demeanor.
After a while I got the courage to spot him in his rearview mirror.
I must admit, he was a dreamer.
Brown hair, brown eyes and a plastered smile.
I couldn’t take my eyes off him for a while.
I snapped out of it and pick up my phone to dial.
Saw there was only one minute left of driving.
Wrote my name and number on a piece of paper and decided to dive in.
I hope he calls me someday.
I’ll gladly take another lyft his way.

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