Emotional Prison

Souls destroyed by emotions Emotions controlled by evil You see them suffering in slow motion They need reasons to love you They are under hypnotic poison So, they never realized they drank the potion They want to be peaceful But their mind is full of explosives Abusive affirmations Positivity limitations You try but the communication... Continue Reading →

You can Shine

Be like glitter in the dark or moonlight in the night sky.What I really want to say is, shine!You still have to be beautiful in dark places.You still have to show yourself how to win races.You still have to walk the streets.Why not do it with gratitude?You still have to listen to the way your... Continue Reading →

Déjà vu

Surreal experience From glorious to hideous Different moods, different periods Furious, oblivious, but experienced Trying to make me feel delirious You never took me serious… It’s Déjà vu It is the same view Triggered by you I’ve felt this feeling before It’s a deep ass feeling in my core It’s a feeling you can’t ignore... Continue Reading →

Self Sabotage

There's a page in my life I ripped out twice.It just keeps reappear.I don't want to have to burn that chapter.But I'm begining to think that's the only option.I've been cradling the entire book...hoping I can shield it from whoever keeps rewriting those line.And then it click!I realized I am the culprit.Sabotaging my own story... Continue Reading →

What they choose to see

We’ve all gone a little madSometimes we feel super sadSometimes we just need someone to hold our handSomeone who will help us expandBut sometimes people don’t understand youAnd instead of trying, they ban youAnd they scan youAnd based on their own image of youAll of a sudden they can’t stand youThey don’t understand all the... Continue Reading →

Whatever you Think or See

I’ve been seaking some sort of therapy.Help me control my thoughts-Train my mentality. Curb these unintentional flips.I don’t control the switch in my head.Whoever does have connected it to my lips. Forgive me for my responses.The ones I’ve given to you.Though maybe it is what it is. This is fire vs. Ice within me.I prefer... Continue Reading →

Slowly Tipping

I’m slowly tippingMy mind is trippingI don’t drink & I feel like drinkingTired of flipping outI’m tired & there is no doubtHow could I have allowedMyself to falloutTo you it’s all about cloutTo me it’s about protectionHow can you not see the connection?Your actions are a reflection of what is insideBut why must I pay?Do... Continue Reading →

Your Smoke

I don't smoke But yet I inhaled your smoke. I am surviving off toxic air but I like it. Forgive me if I'm obsessed But it clearly is addicting. I don't want to exhale anytime soon. Even if it kills me- I'll keep holding my breath. Holding on to... the last air from you.

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