Take my heart

Take my heart, but only if youโ€™re going to treat it right Love me when the sun is out, love me in the night This is quite frightful But you seem quite delightful I would be lying if I said Iโ€™m not a little doubtful But to be honest, Iโ€™ m also extremely grateful A... Continue Reading →

Prisoner of Jealousy

You have me held up for ransom.I can't move, sometimes I can't even breathe.You're suffocating me with your jealousy.I'm your prisoner, can't you see?Can't you see how much I've done to escape your arms?They're so cold, they used to be warm.I've tried to escape.No luck!I've tried pleading my case.No luck!There's no use in trying anymore.With... Continue Reading →

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