Small Talk

Small talk I miss our long walks I stare at the ashes that fall from your cigarette You’re here with me, but then again not I’m conversing with your silhouette ... Cold sweat, mixed with emotions Your vibe now feels like a threat I try to forget, but now I’m full of regrets ... Upset... Continue Reading →

Take me for Granted

It's high tide.Too rough for me to catch your vibe.You take me for granted.Caress my curves but forget to keep them sacred.Just remember, hips don't lie.They've been telling you the truth time and time again.They've been moving to your beat.You just don't take the time to join me.It's your choreography.Yet I'm constantly trying to create... Continue Reading →

Take my heart

Take my heart, but only if you’re going to treat it right Love me when the sun is out, love me in the night This is quite frightful But you seem quite delightful I would be lying if I said I’m not a little doubtful But to be honest, I’ m also extremely grateful A... Continue Reading →

Prisoner of Jealousy

You have me held up for ransom.I can't move, sometimes I can't even breathe.You're suffocating me with your jealousy.I'm your prisoner, can't you see?Can't you see how much I've done to escape your arms?They're so cold, they used to be warm.I've tried to escape.No luck!I've tried pleading my case.No luck!There's no use in trying anymore.With... Continue Reading →

Almost Prisoner

Sound of silence As the negative energy hits my mind I’m freaking out.. I slowly start losing my faith I become a prisoner  I slowly start losing my breath  This experience felt very close to death ... Sound of silence As I convert the negative energy to positive energy Fear won’t get me far, it’ll... Continue Reading →

Lost Myself

On the long road of trying to please everyone else...I just might have lost myself.Just might have misguided my own steps.I made many mistakes...Took directions from the wrong people.Brought them with me.Told them why I was on this journey.I was blind, naive and lonely.I only saw what I wanted to see.The signs were all there.I... Continue Reading →


Anxiety caused mostly by society It’s my fault for giving them the authority Such an irony  My thoughts become priority Must treat myself with such generosity  I must take care of my thoughts reliably  If I lose myself, I lose my mentality  If I lose myself, I lose my sanity  Fighting my monsters which sometimes... Continue Reading →

My Anxiety

Passive aggressive anxiety.It pretends to be friendly.Constantly here, but never stays with me.Plotting to humiliate my fate,Highlight my mistakes,Tarnish my good name.I won't let it win.I'll show that bully a spin.It's time to show who's stronger.Don't let fear become anger.I need to avoid confrontation of any matter.Been trying to be civil with it...Hopefully I can... Continue Reading →

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