I appreciate my mental state Even though I don’t always think straight Sometimes I want a mate... But it comes with too much weight ... I appreciate most of my traits Sometimes I feel sad, but I mostly feel great I make many mistakes and sometimes I close my own gates ... Any pain that... Continue Reading →

I Appreciate You

My favorite place to be is with you.You are my home.You are my comfort zone.Hold me like you always do regardless of our circumstances.This is all about me and you.Always remember, I appreciate you.Sundays aren't bright enough when you're not around.I need your energy.I need your light on me.Praying for eternity with you.Forever and a... Continue Reading →

Exquisite Vibe

Her vibe is so exquisite He knows that, that’s why he always goes to visit He tries to stay at a distance But he can’t resist it ... His mind knows she’s a dangerous woman But he still follows his intuition Her soul is limited edition He also knows he has a lot of competition... Continue Reading →

Just Breathe…

The clock is ticking, I still can't tell the time.How much longer do I have to come clean?I can't let you fall for this, but neither can I.This is the biggest dilemma I've ever seen.Just breathe...Trying to imagine the consequences.Ride the wave and wait it out.What more can I do in these circumstances.Let's see what... Continue Reading →


Breaking free I had a very big fee When you’re tied down, you can’t really live carefree The sun sets and I sip my green tea I close my eyes and I breathe I inhale and I meditate It’s the only way I can think straight I’m carrying unnecessary weight My mind has been in... Continue Reading →

Old Me

The shadow of my old self is haunting me...Taunting my every move.Making fun of my dreams, I'm trying to leave.I'm trying to let go...I haven't seen bravery in a while.Constantly trying to Ghost my fears...stop following me.It's not as easy as you might think.Not quiet as simple as it might seem.There are unseen forces keeping... Continue Reading →

Self War

Holding tight to my integrity Fighting hard for serenity They tell me I need therapy I am my own remedy ... So many painful memories Sometimes it makes me forget my identity Stuck in a hypnotic melody Until mentally, I am my own enemy ... At war with my energy Fighting the devil for clarity... Continue Reading →

Leave these Unread

Forgive me if I don't find your approach appealing. I've been seeing so many messages flow throw my inbox that I've been ignoring twice as much. Scrolling through unread messages just to hit the jackpot on love. There are way too many of them to be seen. Maybe it might be better to leave well... Continue Reading →

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