The bomb exploded
My mind became super overloaded
Bad thoughts overcrowded
I know I should’ve unloaded
My soul felt broken
I had two options and that’s the one I had chosen
My aura was stolen by darkness
When nobody listens, I turn the words into poems
If I don’t release, they’ll float, now I’m searching for positive quotes
I need a different motive; my soul is trapped, but my mind is wide open
I held on to that negativity, allowed it space in my mind
Many times, I thought I would have roses by my grave
But I never gave in, the waves hit hard but I’m grounded
Dark spaces feel good when I’m comfortable, but they’re not enough
I know where I have landed, stranded for so long, I know my way around it
Floated the entire time, so lost and groundless
I need to feel my feet planted, I’m changing all my surroundings

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