Our Passion

Carmelized words on our sheets,
So sweet.
Stained with our essence.
As though it were kissed with lipstick.
Grasping our presence.
We didn’t mean to leave it dirty.
We’ve been flirting for years.
Way before thirty.
We’ve been speaking frequently.
Quietly sneaking up on something more.

This is just the beginning.
Our story is passion.
Heated aroma lingering.
Tattooed interactions.
It would be hard to forget this.
Who has a sweet tooth and still forget candy?

No one knew I was craving you.
No one has to know but us two.
And when the day comes to stop loving you, I’ll add more days to the calendar.

In my head this day dream had went too far.

I wish I could love you that much.
But you leave blood stains from hurting me instead of our essence from loving me.

Your presence always disturbed my inner peace.
I need to stop trying to bring rain to the desert.
This love has been deserted.

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