Just Chill

My speed of bad behavior has increased
I need to keep reminding myself to chill
Sometimes I have no control, other times I do it for the thrill
There are days where I’d enjoy it, but it always goes downhill
I slowly instilled ill will in me
I was losing my good will
I had murdered my free will
I was feeding my soul suicide pills
I allowed others to chain me
They locked me up in emotion, and swallowed the key
This is why I wouldn’t succeed, they should have never had a key
They took advantage and left me a very big fee
I was worried about the guarantee of them letting me free, upset they wouldn’t see me
I remember, get upset, then I once again remember to chill
They have no control over my mindset
They left me an unpleasant debt, yet it isn’t a threat
I’ll free myself from bad debt

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