I think I broke him

Manipulating people’s minds, only saying his side of the story

He hurt me, I fell, got up & brushed it off

But when the tables turned, and it was my turn

I think I broke him

He is now choked, corrupted

Now ask him if he likes how it feels?

Tell him to show you his tears so that you know it is real

I think I broke him

In tears he is now soaked

He is missing his Glory, I’m sorry

Not really, ideally I also wanted an apology

But you acted up and you blamed astrology, psychology

You think you can psychologically mess me up, but I broke you

You hurt me for years and it only made me stronger

I hurt you one time and you crumbled

What was that that you mumbled?

The love was never humble because you only made me stumble

All you did was bring me trouble

But when the pain I caused you hurt you double, you now look at me all puzzled

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