Broke him for the Next Girl

I think I broke him.
Little things that used to be a problem no longer provoke him.
My tears no longer help my bath water meet the rim.

He’s no longer beating his chest for my respect.
He’s no longer my man, this is a defect.
This isn’t a complaint, this is perfect.

I might have broken him…

But this is the man I always wanted.
This is who I illustrate when I describe how we started.
I wish this was something I predicted.

I would of stayed through the struggle.
Accepted the days when he didn’t want to cuddle.
I wish I knew those days were just a hurdle.

I broke him for the next girl.
Otherwise she would of never let him in her world.

She acquired his good side without even working for it.
I lived through a life of constant pain and I was desperate.

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