Mother Nature turns cold

There is this beautiful being whom the earth so dearly adores,

She is the mother of all creatures and all that belongs to earth,

She guides the Lions and the elephants,

She guides the humans and the weather,

She gives them ice when they are hot,

And heat when they are cold,

She admires her creation and would give her life for it,

But she is not one to mess with when her heart turns into black ice,

Her heart was once full of warmth but her own creation destroyed her heart,

They made her cold, she tried to fight it but her heart turned into ice,

It was so icy she could no longer feel, and this is when she gave up on her world,

She turned very wintry and her body began to transform,

She became so frosty that chills ran through her spine,

Her characteristics were turning extremely cold and bleak,

The wind swiveling around her began to blow her hair,

Her hair turned into icicles and her skin began to frost,

While shivers ran through her legs,

She began to shower in the icy rain and soaked in the snow,

She made the days turn quick into nights,

She became so cold-hearted that she froze all the plants and the insects all died,

She didn’t pity those without a coat,

She didn’t pity those with frozen souls,

She wasn’t Mother Nature anymore, she was a different soul,

She was stony-hearted, she was ice-covered,

Itโ€™s their fault she now cries snowflakes,

Her mind was so icy and clouded,

She didn’t mean to be upset, she didn’t like to be cold,

She enjoyed the warmth and high temperature,

She enjoyed the longer days,

She wanted a hot spell, she needed her body to reheat,

She once cared for her world, but her world turned their backs on her,

They let her down, they used her, and got upset with her when they didn’t feel right,

They complained all the time, and they threw trash everywhere,

They wrecked the place, they wrecked her world,

What she once created for her beautiful atman,

Has now been turned into blank flesh…

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