The Twist

All my life I’ve been straight.
And now I’m twisted.
The twist is, you made me this way.
Provoking my thoughts.
Propelling every word I say.

I might walk a straight line again.
I might be able to pull away from you.
But you took away so much pain.
So now I’m twisted.

I no longer do things for anyone but you.
You have this irreversible hold on me.
Mentally handcuffed to you.
You have me enslaved and I still like it.
That’s how far I’m gone.
That’s how twisted.

The truth is I always wanted to be.
Deep down, your lore was always my plan.
You fell for it.
I’m not surprised, I’m not shocked.
I just wish I could make you worse.
Make you love me in reverse.
I wouldn’t have fell for you first.

But now I’m twisted I feel on top of the world.
All because of you I’m on cloud nine.
This high was gifted.
I’m elated that you bought it.

Yearning for each other.
All twisted together.

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