You always take me back to September.
Where I first saw your face.
It’s always a trip to remember.
Nothing like taking the drug you lace.
Take me back to high noon.
Where the wind is perfectly cool.
I hope I get to see you soon.
I just don’t want to be your fool.

I get high off you in September.
When it’s best to be outside.
Not hot, nor is it cold as I remember.
Where we don’t ever have to hide.
But there’s always that part of me that regrets it.
Seeing you at noon and forgetting everything.
I tell you that I can’t and you never respect it.
I’m addicted to the temporary joy you bring.

It’s the high you give me.
And you only want to meet in September.
Get me high off you as I’ll ever be
I need to trigger my senses to remember.
You must be bad for me.
But I’m never reluctant to see you.
I wish this I can see.
Your high blinds me from anything true.

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