Stop Counting

We count numbers everyday.
Thinking we can find the right solution to our brain.
But I can’t refrain from thinking about you.
Everything is building up inside me.
The way you used to make me feel daily.

I’m compelled to subtract you from the equation.
But that won’t fix anything about the ending.
The brain has added an inevitable solution.
No matter the choice from the initial contact.

Subtracting you just wouldn’t do.
It wouldn’t add anything to my life.
I was meant to be a dysfunctional wife.
It’s all in the brain.
But in this case it’s you that’s counting on me.
So we can’t stop the pain.

We keep letting mistakes stop our progress.
This is a picture we can’t fit in the frame.
The dimensions just doesn’t add up.
It’s time to stop counting.

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