Broken Trust

I’ve become paranoid.
Even a little insecure.
This was never me in the beginning.
I wasn’t even the one who wanted to begin this.

Exchanging messages with her.
You try to convince me that she’s just a friend.
My heart can sense something more.
The exchange was way too friendly.
And I can’t get over it.

When I try to explain my feelings about this you say I’m overreacting.
You say get over it-
You love only me.
But that belief has been clouded.

I never expected to feel like this.
I’ve never expected you to say these things to me.
I’m hurt and you seem to want to just ignore it.

I’ve been crying.
Can you see it?

Maybe you don’t want to.
At least ask me what would make me feel better.
Maybe you won’t because you won’t like my answer.

I just want to feel like I trust you.
I refuse to say I don’t because that would mean we’re broken.
Give me a sign that you want this to work.
Give me a token.

Why can’t you just let her go.
You give me no other option but to give you an alternative.
You can keep her, let me go.

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