Wandered Mind

I’ve been trying to keep my mind in one piece

I’m trying to keep the focus

But my mind loves to wander, out of this world, into danger zones

Stoned, crazy hormones, paying attention to people’s tone

I try to socialize with headphones on

I’m trying to converse but I’m glued to my phone

I like to explore people’s world, but it’s even better when I explore my own

Traveling to the unknown

I get home, put down my phone, and begin to clone my thoughts

I fuck up, I have caught myself

I move on, I taught myself

Trying to pay attention to your words, but my mind has wandered

Your lips are moving but I can’t hear your words

I’m out of this earth

I see you but you’re still a blur

One eye, two eyes, I’m on the third

My third eye sparks and I wander

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