Angel of Love

Does the angel of love have love himself?
Is he a happy loner that helps us instead?
It’s something the world might never know.
What we do know is, he does spread it everywhere he might go.

He wants us all to experience this rare but precious thing.
Shooting us with arrows that doesn’t hurt us.
It makes our heart sing.

Even if he might of got it wrong a few times.
He’ll keep trying for us.
Keep trying until we find the love we can trust.
But some of us might deem his action crimes.

The ones that never seem to believe due to circumstances.
They feel too much weight with the demolition of the process.
They end up with a partner whose heart they fail the access.
Eliminating the ability to give themselves a few more chances.

Maybe this angel doesn’t even exist.
But I knew who my love was at our first kiss.

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