My Energy

I’ve been painting pictures that don’t make sense to me.
Corrupting what I use to breathe.
The belief I use to carry.
I’ve been marrying things together that I wouldn’t usually marry.

These colors are too dark for my energy to absorb.
Burn the frames so I won’t hang them.
I’d be dammed if they become…
Eye candy for people’s soul.

I won’t let others believe this is who I am now.
I am light!
This doesn’t compose of anything bright enough to be me.
I am the sunshine!
But this is more than the rain.

Let me pause for a second.
Let me believe in fairies again.
Maybe I need some pixie dust.
All this darkness is not good for my energy.

Throw away these colors.
Get me a new brush too.
Maybe I should just use my hands…
I need to sparkle like fairies do.

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